Nickel Cathodes, Nickel Pellets, Nickel Briquettes

We are importers, exporters, stockiest and suppliers of primary nickel in Mumbai, India.

We offer high quality primary nickel in different grades, compositions and sizes. We are supplying Nickel of the standard ASTM specification B39-79 (2013) – min 99.80% purity, GB/T 6516-2010 - Ni9990 grade. Primary nickel is used in various chemical processing industries, electronics industries and also in steel industry as an alternative to pure nickel. Moreover, our primary nickel is offered at best rates in the industry.


Nickel metal has the following applications:

  • Its principal use is as an alloying element in stainless steels, alloys steels, non-ferrous metals and other corrosion resistant alloys, examples of which are: Invar®, Monel®, Inconel®, Nichrome®, Permalloy® and the Hastelloys®.
  • Nickel coatings can be deposited electrolytically by electroplating, chemically by electroless or autocatalytic deposition.
  • Tubing for desalination plants.
  • Coinage.
  • Additives in amour plate and burglarproof vaults metals.
  • In glass to produce a green colour.
  • As a catalyst for hydrogenating vegetable oils.
  • Ceramic manufacturing.
  • Alnico magnets.
  • Storage batteries, e.g. nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride based batteries. Such batteries are rechargeable and used for mobile phones, personal stereo equipment and the like.
  • High purity nickels are used in electronic and aerospace applications, chemical and food processing equipment, for anodes and cathodes, caustics evaporators and heat shields.
  • Aircraft turbines components.
  • Beryllium nickel is used for springs, switches, bellows, diaphragms and small valves
  • Thermometer bulbs and resistance thermometers.
  • Glass to metal and ceramic to metal seals.
  • Marine, petroleum and chemical processing equipment. (e.g. Monels).
  • Incineration systems.
  • Controlled expansion nickel superalloys.
  • Paramagnetic alloys and shape memory alloys (e.g. Nitinol) are used in fire-sprinkler actuators, tap water anti-scalding devices, green house window hinges, flow regulators, spacecraft solar-panel releases, numerous toys and novelties and under wire brassieres.

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