Special High Grade & High Grade Zinc Ingots

Exporters, Importers and Suppliers of Special High Grade & High Grade Zinc Ingots in Mumbai,India.

Special High Grade & High Grade Zinc of LME registered brands is available in ready stock in Mumbai, India.

Zinc is a moderately-reactive bluish-white metal that tarnishes in moist air and burns in air with a bright bluish-green flame, giving off plumes of zinc oxide. It reacts with acids, alkalis and other non-metals. If not completely pure, zinc reacts with dilute acids to release hydrogen. The one common oxidation state of zinc is +2. From 100 °C to 210 °C zinc metal is malleable and can easily be beaten into various shapes. Above 210 °C, the metal becomes brittle and will be pulverized by beating.


  • Zinc ingots of high purity for tube, wire, sheet or general galvanizing.
  • Zinc (99.995%) is an LME approved, conforming to the specifications covering quality, shape and weight as defined by the special contract rules of the LME Standards.

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